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ARM toolchain build script for ARM9 and Cortex M4


I am to lazy to translate the german preface to english. Don't panik! You do not need this to build your toolchain. :-)

ARM toolchain build scripts for ARM9 with software floating point and Cortex M4 with hardware floating point support

First you need the ARM gcc toolchain build scripts:
After unpacking it you will find the following files in the directory ARM_gcc:

installDirectory for the compiled toolchain.
sourcesDirectory for the sourcecode (binutils, gcc, newlib und gdb).
00_settings.shThis script contains the build settings.
01_make_binutils.shScript to compile the binutils.
02_make_newlib.shScript to install newlib.
03_make_gcc.shScript to compile GCC (first pass).
04_make_newlib.shScript to compile newlib.
05_make_gcc.shScript to compile GCC (second pass).
06_make_gdb.shScript to compile GDB.
make_toolchain_clean.shScript to remoe all temporary files.
make_toolchain.shScript to build one of the both toolchains (ARM9 or CM4 - Cortex M4).
make_all_toolchains.shScript to build both toolchains.

Binutils, GCC, Newlib and GDB Sourcecode

To build a toolchain you have to download the following sources:

binutils: (.bz2 Archiv) ersion: 2.23.2
gcc: (.bz2 Archiv) Version: 4.7.3
newlib: (.tar.gz Archiv) Version: 2.0.0
gdb: (.bz2 Archiv) Version: 7.6

Copy the sources to the directory sources before you start to build the toolchain. You may download the latest version of the source codes but this might result in errors during toolchain build. (You have to adjust the settings in the build scripts in this case. Mostly try and error.)

Open a terminal to execute the build scripts.

For the ARM9 toolchain with software floating point support type this:

./ ARM9

For the Cortex M4 toolchain with hardware floating point support type this:

./ CM4

Type this to compile both tooolchains:


Good luck!

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